Research is one of the core functions of a higher learning institution together with instruction and community engagement. Cor Jesu College upholds these three-fold tasks by integrating research in instruction and community engagement, and promoting a research culture in the academic community through the development and provision of resources and capabilities for research and the production of scientific references for administrative and academic purposes as well as for responding to relevant social concerns. Through research, the school’s commitment to the generation of new knowledge and the improvement of the human condition is manifested.

With the emerging trends and challenges to be globally competitive, Cor Jesu College’s research program is implemented through the Center for Social Development Research (CSDR) which acts as a cradle for the production of knowledge and information in response to the needs of the institution and of the external community. The learning and re-learning of new knowledge and trends as a result of research work will never be archived as the Center is committed to its responsibility to disseminate research results and recommendations to its stakeholders. CJC firmly believes that research is not only intended to improve educational processes and advance quality teaching but its conduct and application is more to facilitate transformative education and development.

The Center for Social Development Research (CSDR) envisions to foster a dynamic research culture and to encourage more scholarly work among the faculty, staff and students in the context of contributing to overall development, particularly in the province and in Mindanao. The CSDR will act as a coordinating body for all research and publication undertakings in the institution. Specifically, within the next five years, the CSDR shall pursue the following objectives:

  • Encourage and actively engage the faculty, students and other concerned groups/parties to develop interests and expertise in research whether in the basic or applied areas;
  • Establish a databank of research materials and references that can be utilized by
  • students, faculty and other interested parties;
  • Provide research assistance and training for research capability building to students, faculty and other organizations or agencies;
  • Initiate and/or undertake institutional as well as commissioned researches covering the Province of Davao del Sur and elsewhere in Mindanao;
  • Prepare and/or assist in the preparation of research proposals, including the review of such proposals for submission to funding institutions;Establish and strengthen linkages with private or public institutions or agencies whether local or foreign, for research training, collaboration, consultancy and other related activities; and
  • Encourage the dissemination and utilization of research findings through fora and publication