The office of the Registrar is responsible for administering and safekeeping of the scholastic records of all students enrolled in the College.  It preserves and maintains the integrity and confidentiality of its students’ records.


The Office of the Registrar commits to:

  • handle and treat students’ records with utmost confidentiality;
  • ensure that all files are kept up-do-date;
  • submit all documents needed by partner agencies; and
  • update personnel about the new trends and thrusts of records-keeping.


A. Record Keeping

  • facilitates collections of source documents, admission credentials, enforced deadlines, etc.;
  • ensures accurate recording of data;
  • keeps files up-to-date;
  • ensures fast retrieval of student records; and
  • ensures safety, security, and confidentiality of students’ records.

B. Record Processing

  • processes/acts on requests for student records;
  • ensures release of student credentials on promised date;
  • prepares and submits reports and observes deadlines required by government agencies; and
  • reconstructs lost or missing records.

C. Scholarship Facilitation

  • helps disseminate scholarship information of sponsoring institutions/agencies;
  • receives scholarship certificates;
  • validates the records of the scholars; and
  • sends billing statements to sponsoring agencies.

Scholarship qualification and documentary  requirements are available at the office of the sponsoring agencies (CHED, Provincial Capitol, GSIS, PVAO, etc.).

Policies on Issuance of  School Credentials

  • Certificate of Transfer Credentials (Honorable Dismissal)An applicant should file a request for a Certificate of Transfer Credentials (CTC) at the Office of the School Registrar.  The Credential will be released subject to clearance from the different offices listed in the request form.
  • Diploma and Special Orders (S.O.)An applicant should secure clearance slip from the Finance Office with the signature of the yearbook coordinator before Diploma/S.O. can be released.  Diploma shall be issued only once.
  • Transcript of Records (TOR)An applicant should secure clearance for the release of TOR.
  • Issuance of Credentials to a ProxyThe proxy must present his/her I.D. and a written authority from the owner of the document before it is released and enclosed in the dossier of the student.
  • Withholding of CredentialsThe administration reserves the right to withhold the release of credentials of students who are under investigation or administrative sanctions.


Office hours

Monday – Friday        –    8:00am – 5:00pm
(12:00 – 1:00pm Lunchbreak)

Saturday        –    8:00 – 12:00

Sunday            –    8:00 – 12:00


Head of Office : Concordia P. Gumera (HEAD REGISTRAR)
Office Email Address :
Location : Ground Floor, Fr. Andre Coindre Building
Contact Person :
Contact Number : Local 103
Alternative Email Address :