The CSDR through the Research Council has initially delineated the priority research areas ensuring the articulation of the vision, mission and goals of Cor Jesu College in consideration of general development concerns and the needs, interests and capabilities of the faculty and students.  Research activities will be geared towards the following agenda:

  1. EDUCATION.   As an excellence-driven academic institution, CJC through the CSDR will continually embark on researches to further instruction, evaluation and application in basic and tertiary education. Recognizing the important role of education in individual and communal development, CSDR welcomes researches that will investigate educational trends, policies, reforms and innovations.
  2. HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT.  Improved health and environmental conditions are never absent in the articulation of social development. CSDR will promote research initiatives to address quality of life that includes looking at the effects of social, environmental and economic factors on people’s health. Health researches may include accessibility and efficiency of health services and of health-care providers, indigenous health practices and the like. CSDR will also launch researches related to environmental protection and advocacy.
  3. BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY. As a research center, CSDR perceives an important contribution in the growing local market, industry and technology through providing research-based data on the local economy of the region. Researches that will define entrepreneurship, business trends and innovations and other market needs and information will be promoted to assist in boosting the provincial and regional economy.  Technology-based researches for industry and agri/aquaculture will be encouraged.
  4. PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT.  As a Catholic academic institution, CSDR seizes its strategic role for the attainment of a lasting regional and national peace. Peace and development researches will be a venue to discuss and understand the facets of conflicts, initiatives for conflict resolutions, and other concerns and good practices of development-related efforts promoting the peace agenda
  5. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND GOVERNANCE.  As a member of an institution with distinct record in community engagement work, CSDR welcomes researches geared to assess accomplished and existing community engagement activities for replication and to highlight the best practices. Responsible governance, promotion of community development and participation in the development process will also be highlighted.
  6. CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE.  As a response to the unique cultural and religious diversity in Mindanao, CSDR seeks to promote respect and appreciation of the different cultures comprising the region and the country. Studies will be generated to look at indigenous peoples and other socially disadvantaged groups and help promote understanding of their situation and provide opportunities for their development.