The Cor Jesu Research Council created in Academic Year 2004 – 2005 articulated the need for a research program in the College. Strategies geared towards mobilization of research programs in the college immediately ensued.  With its inception, Dr. Lourdes Cabintoy was appointed Director of CJC’s Research and Publication Office.  In 2005, the Cor Jesu Research Manual was published detailing the college’s programs and policies to further research culture in CJC.

In 2008, the Research and Publication Office was re-named Center for Social Development Research (CSDR) with Dr. Rosalinda C. Tomas as Director. Without disregarding the original thrusts and rationale of the creation of a research office, the new name and leadership accentuated Cor Jesu College’s role in upholding the thrust of complementing its instruction with scientific and responsive research towards the goal of promoting and contributing to overall social development, particularly in Mindanao. CSDR is focused on seeking more relevance to its work by pushing for interdisciplinary approaches and for inculcating the values of peace, cultural sensitivity, collaboration and inclusiveness in research.  It considers all academic disciplines as allies in the creation of a flourishing research culture in CJC. It continues to be a coordinating center for all research and publication undertakings in CJC.