Br. Eli Sosmena, SC


Ametur Cor Jesu!

Welcome to Cor Jesu College (CJC), a Catholic educational institution anchored on the spirituality of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, and whose main objective is to draw out the best in you. CJC is a big cohesive community committed to a dynamic learning and inspirational compassion not only within the walls of the school but reaching to the most impoverished and vulnerable sectors of society.

As a premier educational institution in Southern Mindanao, CJC is a contagious catalyst of change inculcating in the students the indispensable tools of learning and the values that are wanting in today’s society. Our goal is real education with compassion which transcends beyond theories and put beyond action as witnessing Christians of the modern world.

The mounting challenge of the outside world to every one of us is what inspired us to mold the learners and equip them to accept the privilege of making a big difference wherever they are and whatever field of endeavor they choose. Anyway, the CJC way is quality education combined with a deep relationship with God making the school’s products the epitome of excellence and kindness.

Thank you for trusting with us your education. May always find joy and meaning in all the things that you do for the whole semester. Enjoy your stay at CJC as we continue to draw out the best in you, in us, as one community.

Ametur Cor Mariae!