Dr. Ralph S. Brower, an international expert on leadership, researcher, and professor from Florida State University visited Cor Jesu College and gave two lectures last March 9, 2017.  His lectures were entitled “A Learn-How Model of Leadership” and “Turning Research Outputs into Publishable Papers in International Journal”.

Dr. Ralph Brower serves as director of the Center for Civic and Nonprofit Leadership.  He is a researcher who publishes several articles in peer reviewed journals. He is also the editor-in-chief of International Review of Public Administration (IRPA).

In the morning of March 9, the lecture on “Learn-how Model of Leadership” was attended by graduate school students, government officials and leaders form civil society organizations and non government organizations.

“I like the idea of relational leadership shared to us by Dr. Brower because it is needed especially in the traditional hierarchical corporate organization.  There is indeed a need for top management to start the change process”, shared by Mr. Ivan Jude S. Busgano, Manager MIS Department Penbank, Inc.

Other participants were also appreciative of opportunities to listen to the lecture.

Dr. Liza Mae Rapisura, PGADH-Provincial Veterniary Office of Davao Occidental shared her insights after the seminar.  She said, “Dr. Brower’s lecture was an eye-opener for me as I go with my work in the government.  His lecture made me reflect on the approach I am doing which is similar to what he discussed.  Indeed, there are alternatives as long as these fit to the situation and cater to the needs, concerns of and issues at hand.  Working in the newest province in the Philippines, I was affirmed on the need to do benchmarking on the good practices of other provinces to serve as my guide in public service”.

Ms. Sharon Joy Jugador, a graduate school student, shared these thoughts:  “Dr. Brower’s lecture reminded me of the lessons we had in our class on leadership, relating to Tom Peter’s concept on leadership. Dr. Brower’s research on distributed leadership is what allows quick response on crisis situation.  It also empowers followers.”

In the afternoon, the lecture on research publication was attended by researchers from the different colleges of Cor Jesu College.  In that lecture, Dr. Brower gave pointers to the researchers about submission, editor’s expectations and publication protocols.

“It was an awesome experience.  Dr. Brower talked about submitting, evaluating and publishing a research article in international journal using his experience as an editor.  We learned a lot from him”, Dr. Randy A. Tudy, commented.

The lecture of Dr. Brower was part of the lecture series program of the Graduate School Department of Cor Jesu College which invites mostly foreign professors and experts in different fields to share their expertise to supplement the curricular offering of the department.