Step 1: Director of Students Services (DSS)

  • Submit requirements and receive Student Contract and Temporary Student Program Form (TSPF).
  • Interview at the DSS/Admission Office.

For New Students with Incomplete Requirements

  • Secure Temporary Admission Form at the DSS

For Bona Fide Students without I.D.

  • Present duly notarized affidavit of loss
  • Secure I.D. Request Form and pay at the Cashier
  • Present stamped-paid I.D. Request Form to the CIMS for picture taking.
  • Present Official Receipt of I.D. payment to the DSS and receive enrolment form.

Step 2: Cashier

  • Present accomplished and duly endorsed TSPF and pay the entrance/down payment fee and receive Official Student program Card (OSPC)

Step 3: Guidance and Counseling Center

  • Fill up the Student Personal Data Sheet and initial interview with the Guidance Counselors
  • Issuance of placement results
  • Schedule of classification tests for those who were not able to take the classification tests

Step 4: Registering Officer

  • Submit accomplished TSPF Form for encoding of subjects

Step 5: Assessment Officer

  • Receive computer printout of class schedule and assessment with schedule of fees.

For New Students & Returnees

  • Secure I.D. Request Form from Assessment and submit for picture taking at CIMS for I.D.
  • Present official receipt of payment, computer printout of class schedule, and assessment with schedule of fees for issuance of Temporary I.D. by the DSS Office.