Goals of the College Department

Founded in the Spirituality of Compassion, the College Department is committed to the professional development and formation of every student.

Thus, it aims to:

    • Offer academic programs that meet local and global demands;
    • Conduct development researches and productive – scholarship activities for a dynamic and responsive instruction;
    • Engage in community extension services for capability building and empowerment of poor communities;
    • Provide a research and field based instructions for a relevant and functional learning;
    • Nurture a climate of compassionate community for personal, communitarian and spiritual growth; and
    • Send graduates to the field of works as God centered professionals, responsible stewards of nature, agents for cultural preservation and promotion and initiators of social transformation and sustainable development.
List of Office Personnel

College Dean: Alex D. Niez, PhD, EdD
Secretary to the College Dean: Mabel M. Senarillos
Student Assistant: Ves Carme Amarante, Jessica Samontina

List of Faculty

Arts and Sciences Division

Chairperson: Marilou N. Leal, MA
Program Head:
Jean M. Cavalida, MA, RGC (Bachelor of Science in Psychology)
Leticia A. Cansancio, DM (Bachelor of Library and Information Science)
Deogracias J. Bascon, RCrim, MSCrim(Bachelor of Science in Criminology)
Full – Time Faculty

  1. Novem Ianne Rina Baulete, RCrim
  2. Carlos E. Carado, MA
  3. Juanita R. Llaga, MA
  4. Dennis R. Manto, MA
  5. Elmer G. Palatulan, MA
  6. Lemuel M. Sayao, MA

Part – Time Employee

  1. EmmieLousia A. Cansancio, MA
  2. Jinny T. Cañada, MS
  3. Chona A. Lasib, MA
  4. Lourdes P. Pelarion, MA, RGC
  5. Miles Selgas

Computer Studies Division

Division Chairperson:Cesar A. Tecson, MIT
Program Head:
Benjie A. Pabroa, MIT (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)
Cesar A. Tecson, MIT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology)

Full – Time Faculty

  1. Kristian Joy C. Arendain
  2. Jordan L. Diamante
  3. Daryl Ivan E. Hisola
  4. Aubrey C. Nacua
  5. John Philip O. Solano
  6. Ciemavil M. Suizo
  7. Sergio A. Tecson

Part – Time Employee

  1. May C. Aguillon

Socialized/Sunday College Division

Division Chairperson:Hermogenes C. Orion, Jr., Ed.D.
Program Head:
Erikka June D. Forosuelo, DHRM (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration)
Ma.Vinice O. Sumaljag, MA, MEdStud(Bachelor of Secondary Education)

Division of Business and Accountancy

Division Chairperson:James Vanwar S. Apolinar, CPA
Program Head:
Edgel Earl A. Abear, CPA, MBA (Bachelor of Science in Accountancy)
Bernadette Jeanna Marie B. Aves, MBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration)
Ronald P. Lambayan, MSHRM (Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant Management)
Angelito H. Pueda, CPA (Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology)

Full – Time Faculty

  1. Maria Althea Caralos, CPA
  2. MacedonioS. Directo, CPA, MBA
  3. Erikka June D. Forosuelo, DHRM
  4. Ronna Vic Gutierez
  5. Fritzie R. Mendez
  6. Cyril Marie P. Saplagio, CPA
  7. Merla A. Tampipi, CPA, MBA

Part – Time Employee

  1. Atty. Roy Christopher S. Cabardo
  2. Marie Stacy C. De Juan
  3. Atty. Blair Dura
  4. Melody A. Malnegro, MBA
  5. Luis C. Soriano, MA

Engineering and Technology Division

Division Chairperson:Engr. Jonas M. Placer, M.Eng.
Program Head:
Engr. Alan B. Alejandrino (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering)
Kirt Anthony R. Diaz, Ph.D. (Vocational Technology)
Engr. Juvy Amor M. Galindo (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering)
Engr. Peter July P. Sorongon (Administrative Assistant – Vocational Technology)
Engr. Reyman M. Zamora (Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering)

Full – Time Faculty

  1. Engr. Rio C. Aguillon
  2. Engr. Bonifacio Aznar
  3. Engr. Amielou G. Cisneros
  4. Engr. Fidelino A. Dumagan
  5. Engr. Gringo Escote
  6. Engr. Jay Kaiser S. Lariosa
  7. Engr. Wella Lyn A. Mateo
  8. Engr. Mary Ruth H. RomeroEngr. Dorothy R. Yee
  9. Antonio G. Gabutan(VocTech)
  10. Jonathan C. Lanterna(VocTech)
  11. Ricky E. Toquero, Sr. (VocTech)

Part – Time Employee

  1. Engr. Dwight R. Batucan
  2. Engr. Raphael Philip Cañedo
  3. Engr. Nerrie Cisneros
  4. Engr. Aloysius G. Garcia
  5. Engr. DulcesimaPadillo
  6. Maria Victoria R. Placer, MPS
  7. Engr. Jonathan Tungal

Teacher Education Division

Division Chairperson:Maria Elena Morales, Ph.D.
Program Head:Anna Liza A. Cerbo, MELMed(Bachelor of Secondary Education)

Full – Time Faculty

  1. Darwin A. Arnosa
  2. Dr. Kirt Anthony R. Diaz
  3. Jay C. Heliane
  4. Maria Eloise Nierras
  5. Ma. Vinice O. Sumaljag, MA,MEdStud
  6. Rosa Esperanza V. Tabora, MA
  7. Ida Tudy, MA

Part – Time Employee

  1. Allan Aldaya, MA
  2. AnnalizaAlmazan, MA
  3. Sydney Antonipa
  4. Rogelio Biñan, MPA
  5. Annabelle Culajara, MA
  6. Beinvinida A. Geollegue, MA
  7. Fe D. Jumalin, MA
  8. LovellaMediodia, MA
  9. ProcesoOrcullo, PhD
  10. Janet Lora Paden
  11. Mylen F. Sardido
  12. MiguelaSolatorio, MA

Health Sciences Division

Division Chairperson:Antonina H. Rebato, RN, MAN
Program Head:
Engr. Henry A. See, RN, RM, MN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing and
Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

Antonina H. Rebato, RN, MAN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Full – Time Faculty

  1. LynethLumangtas, RN, MN
  2. Marvin F. Garasi, RN, MN

Part – Time Employee

  1. Shajani M. Ganotice, RN
  2. Anna Marie M. Montalban, RN