The corporate seal is composed of two circles where the name and address of the School are engraved. The Coat of Arms of the Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is found within the inner circle. It is composed of a French shield bearing, on a gold field, a burning heart encircled by a crown of thorns surmounted by a black Latin cross. From a gaping wound drops of blood fall upon the northern segment of the terrestrial globe showing the coasts of France and America with the Atlantic Ocean in between. The scroll is in royal blue with a gold border and carries the motto in letters of gold. Heart, blood, thorns, flames, land and ocean: all are in natural colors.

Symbolic Meaning

The two parallel circles, that surround the Coat of Arms of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, where the name Cor Jesu College and its address are engraved, symbolize the unending love of God to humanity. The French shield has been chosen because the Institute was founded in France. The Heart of Jesus placed in the center is designed as Jesus Himself presented it to St. Margaret Mary when He appeared to her. It reveals the intensity of His love for humankind that led Him to suffer his passion and death on the cross for the redemption of the world (crown of thorns, cross, wound). It reveals also His great desire for this love to spread among the people (fire). The drops of blood symbolize the sacraments through which the Heart of Jesus brings His love to humanity. The northern hemisphere reminds us that Bro. Polycarp, eager to spread the love of Jesus to other nations, sent Brothers from France to America as early as 1847. The field or background in gold speaks of the riches of the spirituality of the Sacred Heart. The motto in Latin was adopted by the Institute in 1892. It is translated in English: “Loved be the Heart of Jesus” or “May the Heart of Jesus be loved”. The Latin cross and the Latin motto express the belonging of the Institute to the Roman Catholic Church.


The motto of Cor Jesu College is Ametur Cor Jesu, Ametur Cor Mariae!

These are french terms which means Loved be the Heart of Jesus (Ametur Cor Jesu) and Loved be the Heart of Mary (Ametur Cor Mariae).